Mojo – Around a round pen

February 22nd 2021

Mojo had been got in by the yard – too muddy for me to get in the field. He seemed relaxed but did have his ears back, so may be there was some frustration creeping there. I tried to slow down and speed up my walking but there was no way he was going to trot.
Trot needs much more work – he will trot if I have his head collar and lead rope on. I will re-watch the videos with regard to getting trot on cue. He will trot over poles if I throw a frisbee or have him on line. Will try and video that next time.

Around a round pen.

I am doing the Connection Trainings course on starting to lunge, this starts with going round a round pen.

We have done this before but Mojo was a little unsure what to do.

Around a round pen.

Mojo wasn’t too sure what to do as we haven’t done this for a while. He was a little distracted by the sand school mirror and the other liveries going down the drive.

The first video shows him following the longer target and he is a bit sticky and shows some frustration when it keeps moving.

The next video I tried a longer stick but he got totally confused by that, so we did some poles exercises and some cone targeting. He then seemed ready to have another go.

The last video I walked on the outside of the pen and he seemed more confident doing that, then I went back in the pen, and he followed my hand rather than the target stick. He is a little distracted as one of the other horses is going down the drive.

New Year Update.

We are still in lockdown so I try to keep my journeys to a minimum.

Mojo has been good with his feet, but when the trimmer came we had to go to the pony yard. Our part of the yard was having a new stable built. So he was a little on his toes to start with. He did settle but then spooked big time when the trimmer arrived.
We tried to do his hinds first – as they weren’t done last time, but no he wasn’t having that. So we did his fronts, he settled and lifted them up, he did fidget a bit but was good with them on the hoof stand.

When I got him out on Monday he was very lively but after a little trot round the school was very good with his feet, they were picked out, sprayed and field paste applied. So it is not that he can’t lift them up but there is a deep seated mistrust of trimmers/farriers.

Update on hoof trimming

August 20th 2020, Mojo had his teeth done by the vet under sedation. So I asked my hoof trimmer to come at the same time.
We have been working on getting him OK with putting his feet on our small hoof stand.

The hoof trimmer did as much as possible on his front feet before he was sedated. Then once the vet finished his teeth, she started on the hinds. He did need a bit of extra sedation but the vet was fine with that. Mojo only had a small amount for his teeth.
All four feet were trimmed well and treated for thrush (it as been very wet recently and even though his feet seemed fine 2 days ago they needed treating).

I am so pleased with how well he coped with all this. We will continue with the hoof stand training, it did seem as if he was better for me to clean his feet with them on the stand. I wondered if he felt more secure with them resting on something more solid than my hand.

Mojo’s feet July 3rd 2020

Mojo had his feet trimmed today – July 3rd 2020. This was the first time the trimmer had been since January. He was very good with all but the right side hind, he had a little bit rasped of that but not done completely.
Mojo even held his front feet on the hoof stand, so very pleased with him today.
All that rasping with him resting his feet on the mini blocks seems to have paid dividends.

A little video of all the clips.

June 19th 2020

We managed both fronts yesterday and got him to put his hinds on the block. Today Liz’s farrier came and looked at them, showed Liz how to nip bits off and even nipped some excess frog off one front. So we are doing things right and his fronts look a good shape.

Update June 2020

Mojo was great with his feet, we only did the fronts. Liz feels it better to get those solid resting on the block before we go to the hinds. This was the first time with the block too, he sniffed and then wasn’t bothered when Liz placed his foot on it, he just stood quietly even when she wasn’t rasping.
I then trimmed his feathers whilst he ate, I got my scissors sharpened as they were pulling a bit last time. I may need some new ones though as they don’t stay very sharp.

June 5th 2020

Mojo had his left front rasped well by Liz. He kept his foot on the block after a little fidgeting. Plenty of reinforcement with carrots.
We plan to do one foot at a time so he doesn’t get too frustrated by it all.

I then trimmed his feathers so we can actually see his hooves.

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May 19th 2020

Visited Mojo today, he was waiting by the gate but then Smoke and Indi came to say “hello”. So I went and got my grooming kit – intending to groom in the field. By the time I got back Smoke and Indi were at the other end of the field so I got Mojo out and took him to the yard. He was still waiting by the gate so it was easy.
I picked out his left front foot and then Liz arrived and did the others. He held them up well, so Liz proceeded to rasp the front ones. We didn’t rasp the hinds but they don’t look too bad – a little chipped at the edges but nothing horrendous.
He got apples as a reinforcement for picking them up and holding them whilst Liz rasped. Too hot to do much else so he had a groom, some fly spray (he actually stood still), and then back out to the field – a few treats on the floor to say “finished”.
Good to know he is getting back in the swing of things.

May 13th 2020

I went to see Mojo on Monday the 11th May after 6 weeks of not travelling anywhere due the virus pandemic. We have been safe and adhered to all lockdown and self isolation measures. Mojo has been in a field with Smoke and Indi in the care of our excellent yard owner.
When I went on Monday I just picked out his feet in the field and did a few exercises.

Today, I joined my daughter – we are now allowed to see 1 other person we don’t live with – as long as we stay 2 metres apart. I picked out Mojos front feet but he was a bit sticky with the hinds. So I just looked at them.

Liz managed to rasp one front foot before Mojo decided enough was enough. So I just applied some hoof paste and gave him a good groom. Apparently he was not impressed with having to come out of the field into his stable this morning. Even with the yard owners husband leading him – he normally loves him and isn’t a problem.


We will have to do more sessions on the yard before asking the trimmer to come. Liz will rasp one foot at a time if necessary.

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