Benny is the reason I started my journey, he is a very exuberant cob, left brain extrovert in Parelli language. completely different to any other horse I have dealt with.

Benny was given to me as his owner wanted a horse for endurance riding, so I though he would be perfect to regain my confidence on. He is a bit of a challenge as he marches off down the road with me as a passenger. We need to put some whoa in place.

On the ground he pulls away in trot on a 22 foot line – usually just as he is behind me. No telling off just a calm walk to him and pick up the rope and try again. This is what we did initially but now I am searching for some positive re-inforcement to help. I am now teaching him to stop when the rope is dropped – needs some more sessions but he is getting better.

He is very food motivated so was beginning to ask for treats, I am now teaching him head down before the delivery of the treat. This also helps in a reactive situation as it lowers the adrenaline response. He is a little spooky sometimes in the school when motorcycles roar down the lane and this technique will help to keep him calm. More information is on the TTouch site

Also teaching a verbal “whoa”, first with a rope and some pressure to achieve the stop, reward with a treat – then progressing to no pressure just a verbal command – a treat when stopped. Finally it will be at liberty too, but not done much of that. His attention is not with me for long after I take of his halter – but we have got a few steps and a whoa.

I will add blogs of our progress and some pictures soon.

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