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Benny on adrenaline


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An interesting session with Benny and Sally Ede. Took him over the road to the sandschool, very high on adrenaline when we got there. Tried to settle him on the ground but he kept flipping back to being very anxious. Sally got on him and he reared a few times, she was very focused and managed to calm him and walk round the school. We then decided to do more ground work, had him on the 22ft line and he tried to run off, I managed to hold him and disengage but he did rear online. I now have to make decision where to persevere with more online work or to get a horse I can ride now and feel safe on. Benny is lovely at home, but he becomes a different horse in unfamiliar surroundings. I do not feel he is safe for me to hack alone and if he rears like he did today it will do my confidence no good.
I will do some more groundwork with him in the sandschool – if I can hire it again. I really need to see what he is like away from the field. He is calm and I have ridden him on my own with the other horses around, but if I can’t ride him with out this behaviour kicking in every time he gets anxious then I may have to part with him.


  1. Lucy says:

    Oh Gill I feel for you! If it’s any consolation, I couldn’t get on Jack on Saturday because he reared on the 22′ and took off then tried to run me over several times leaping about in terror (it was windy)! It’s frustrating but I just don’t get on him in that circumstance. In fact, I just turned him back out! He wouldn’t be so bad if another horse was around but high on adrenaline by himself, he’s a handful. I’ve tried to let him run it off before but, because he’s such a space invader, it’s not safe. Best to just call it a day, I find, and make the most of the other 99% of the time when he’s lovely. Hopefully Benny’s good for enough of your time together to make up for his misdemeanours? If not, yeah it’s a really tough one, especially when you get attached. Good Luck x

    • gmlimages says:

      Thanks Lucy, yes in hindsight we shouldn’t have ridden him, Tracey is coming next week and we will ride if feel it safe. He followed me round yesterday as if to make up for it. We are treating him like a novice as I don’t think he has done a lot. all my others horse I have had and/or ridden since they were 4 so an older horse is a challenge.

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