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Mojo Trotting a Circle


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I bought a long lunge type whip, more like a stick though and then tied a bag on the end. This I used to get Mojo trotting round me – he loves to chase the bag so a longer one was easier for me to get him to trot a circle.

I now have a saddle but haven’t tried it on him yet. Will do that tomorrow and then take some photos for the saddler – it is the same size as the one he wore last week.

We had a bit of a disaster whilst foot trimming, he kicked out and somehow got his leg caught over the lead rope, and as he was tied up he panicked and broke both the head collar and the lead rope clips.
We let him settle and reassured him with lots of scratches. Then I held him so it wouldn’t happen again and he was very good with his hind feet. We do think he was a little shocked by it all and it took a while for the adrenaline to dissipate.

He seemed fine once it was all done, the other horses were being fed during the final foot being rasped. He looked but made no attempt to pull away even though he could see his tea.
He went out to the field once he had eaten his well earned tea.

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