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Mojo being ridden.


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Today my daughter Liz came to help me with Mojo. He is still a little unsure of new people and he hasn’t seen Liz for a while. So Liz brought him in and took his rug off and gave him some chaff.
Then we got the tack out and put the mounting block and a mat in the school.
Liz then went to get Mojo out of the stable, he turned his back – as he did with me when I first started with him. Liz stood quietly and reinforced any sign of him turning round and coming to her. Held out the headcollar and let him sniff it a few times, then he let her put it on.
We tied him loosely next to his hay net and let him eat whilst we groomed and Liz cleaned his feet.
Then I saddle him and gradually and gently did up his girth. We then put on his bitless bridle and attached the 12 ft line and took him in the school.
Liz asked him to walk a few circles – he responded very well to voice cues and walked and trotted – a bit hurried at first but he soon relaxed.
We then asked him to stand by the mounting block, I counter conditioned him to Liz mounting – he was slightly tense at first but she sat quietly and he relaxed again. Then she asked him to walk forward, which he did from a voice cue.
Liz walked and trotted him around the arena, he was quite stiff round the corners but he didn’t seem anxious. We only did about 4 minutes – 2 on each rein, then Liz asked him to “whoa” and he stopped and stood queitly.

I need to do more with his fear of strangers, so he gets used to anyone handling him.
Also do some long lining to get him bending more and continue with his stretching exercises.

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