Hoof Trimming

Mojo has never been good with lifting his feet and foot handling in general. I have been working in getting him ok for me to touch his legs, brush feathers and trim feathers. All these seem to be progressing positively but having them trimmed is a different matter.
So after 2 farriers refused to even try any more I found a new trimmer. He is patient and his wife also came and she reads horses emotional states extremely well.

Mojo was very apprehensive and didn’t want to come out of his stable. We waited and chatted and then he decided it was ok to come out. The trimmer was introduced and just talked to Mojo and gave him some scratches. Picked out his front feet and then started trimming. Mojo was ok with the nippers but it seems to be rasping that is a trigger. We had lots of breaks and went for a little walk, the trimmer then held the lead rope and led Mojo whilst I walked next to him. We managed to get both fronts correctly trimmed and balanced but not rasped. So Liz will do the final rasp another day just to tidy them. We left it there – the trimmer did lift the hinds but Mojo was going over threshold by then so he will come back next month and do the hinds.

I have it on video so will review and send a snippet to Jo Hughes who helps with online coaching. We still have work to do and it is extremely slow progress.
Equi-libre Academy of Positive Horsemanship/

I do wonder what happened in his past to make him so anxious. He didn’t fight just tried to run away, which is when I just took him for a little walk to calm down.




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