Update July 29th 2019

Update July 29th 2019
After my phone call with Jo Hughes I have started training foot lifting again. I took Mojo in to the school this morning.
After making sure he was standing square, I faced his tail, bent down and put my hand near his hoof, he picked it up – so the cue is visual rather than verbal, I didn’t use a verbal cue at all. I let the hoof rest on my hand and then lowered it to the ground. I C/T as the foot came up and delivered the treat as soon as I had put the foot down. I repeated 3 times, then did the same for the other feet, even the hinds were lifted without me saying anything or touching the foot before it had come off the ground. I did not clean his feet as I only had them off the ground for a second or 2.

This will need repeating as often a possible and duration added until he can lifte them and hold them for me to clean. Then introduce a 2nd person and hoof rasp and then the trimmer.
I have some Cortaflex for him to see if it is a physical problem with stiff hocks, but this morning he walked over poles and little cross poles and lifted his hind legs up well over them. Now we need to build up more strength and flexion so his hind limbs are stronger, as he seems to have balance problems.

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