Mojo and his feet

On the 3rd August Mojo decided that his hay was more interesting than me. so he refused to come out of his stable, I did his foot lifting in the stable. Then let hi eat but when I went ot put him back i  the field he would not follow me. so my daughter took him out – he followed her and was very good when my grand daughter had the lead rope – she is alsmots 3 years old and he just lowered his head so he could see her and then followed my daughter who was next to the child.

Update 5th August 2019
Mojo was in as the farrier was coming for the other 2. He eagerly put his head collar on and came out of his stable, lifted all 4 feet and did his stretching exercises. Walked following the target – stretching over his back and stood on his mat. He then went back in the stable whilst the others had their feet done.
When it was time to go back out he put his nose in the head collar and followed my hand target out and then to the field, no planting at all. The only thing I can think was that on Saturday he was hungry, today he had eaten his hay and had some pony nuts.

We must always be aware of competing motivations.

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