Mojo progress

Today Mojo was very good at lifting his feet, his hinds seemed easier. He is on Cortaflex and Buteless so hopefully they are making a difference. We then went in the school to do some cone weaving and trotting poles, he did mange one little trot. I have a long driving whip that I use as a target to get him to circle and keep a distance away, he was very good on one side but didn’t stay out when on the left hand circle.
Often he is reluctant to go back out to the field with me, today Victoria (my almost 3 year old granddaughter) was with me and he lowered his head to sniff her and then just followed. V had the lead rope end and I was there to check he wasn’t going to get too close.
Photo is an old one as I didn’t take any today.
Mojo in the new field
Mojo in the new field

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