February 3rd 2020

Monday 3rd February we did hoof training again, with the new halter and different clothes and on a different part of the yard.
Mojo offered his front feet – once even before the verbal cue.
Liz cleaned and brushed them out and rasped them, so adding duration. Liz wore the chaps and we have a different bucket to keep at all the tools in and he got lots of carrots.
Then LIz cleaned and brushed his hinds, the right hind wasn’t as easy as the left but he held it up long enough to brush and rasp the edges. We worked from left fore to left hind and then right hind and right fore.
I then put him back in the stable and took off my gilet. Then put his normal head collar on and had him on the yard to groom and put hoof paste on all four feet.

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