Update on hoof trimming

August 20th 2020, Mojo had his teeth done by the vet under sedation. So I asked my hoof trimmer to come at the same time.
We have been working on getting him OK with putting his feet on our small hoof stand.

The hoof trimmer did as much as possible on his front feet before he was sedated. Then once the vet finished his teeth, she started on the hinds. He did need a bit of extra sedation but the vet was fine with that. Mojo only had a small amount for his teeth.
All four feet were trimmed well and treated for thrush (it as been very wet recently and even though his feet seemed fine 2 days ago they needed treating).

I am so pleased with how well he coped with all this. We will continue with the hoof stand training, it did seem as if he was better for me to clean his feet with them on the stand. I wondered if he felt more secure with them resting on something more solid than my hand.

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