Mojo Lame

A few weeks ago Mojo was in the school, fine in walk but when I asked him to trot he was hopping. We took him back to the yard to check him and his feet were hot and pulses were felt to be bounding. So he was stabled and a visiting farrier had a look at him and thought he had an abscess, so we poulticed his foot, he was extremely good about it.

A nice pink bandage on Mojo’s foot.

Over the next few days there was some black gooey stuff on the poultice so we then dry poulticed. He was then seen by another hoof trimmer as I couldn’t get mine out at short notice. He suspected something metabolic, so we called the vet to check and take bloods.Trotting up for the vet he was not as lame but still sore and worse on flexion tests. No pulses felt.

Bloods came back negative for anything metabolic, but he was still 3/5 lame on his right fore.

On the 8th April 2021 Mojo still slightly lame, vet came out and did flexion tests, positive on left fore and very positive on the right. Back on bute and rest, and x-rays booked.

23rd April 2021 x-rays taken of front feet and both hocks.

Mojo was very good, he put his feet on the blocks and stood still for the front feet and one hock. He was very protective of his right hock but it was done with no sedation – just lots of treats.

Lots of changes in both fetlocks and multiple small avulsion fragments of the sesamoids.Hocks didn’t seem too bad so the plan is to turn out – he doesn’t run about anyway, and keep on bute for now.

One of the x-rays – not easy to see as he wouldn’t put weight on it so it isn’t straight.

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