Up-date 25th October

Update 25th October 2019, I had Sally Ede out to do some communication and healing Mojo, today was the second session and she said he was much more relaxed this time.
He still is protective of his hind legs but was better when I picked out his feet before Sally arrived. I did the fronts as they are near perfect now and he holds them up well. Liz did the hinds whilst I bridged and treated, he lifted the left one as soon as she bent down and touched it, the right he lifted as soon as she asked him, held it up with no snatching at all.
He has been on Cortaflex and Buteless for around 8 weeks now, and Sally says he need to strengthening exercises, I have been backing him over poles and trotting over them too.
Long reining is the next stage them Liz will have a few ridden lessons with Sally. Then I can hop on board and continue with the pole work too.
The trimmer is coming the first week in November so hopefully he will be happier to let her trim them all, as long as we go at his pace.

Mojo’s New Trimmer

Mojo has a new hoof trimmer, she spent 2 hours with us and offered essential oils and red light therapy too. Mojo tolerated his fronts doing and they were done very well and he had spray and hoof clay too. By the time we got round to the hinds he had had enough, next time we will start with the feet and end with the esssential oils and red light.

Mojo’s feet 4th October 2019

Penny Thorpe ( the hoof trimmer) came again today to do Mojo’s hind feet. I got him in at 8 am to dry out and gave him a feed with cortaflex, buteless and some calming herbs. He also had some barley grass and a bucket with peppermint in – he wasn’t too keen last time but this time he licked the bowl clean, not sure whether he had the peppermint water. He had plain water too and some hay.

He seemed much less stressed when Penny arrived, she offered some tobacco essence and he seemed quite keen on that. Then she picked out his front feet and just tidied them up. Then on to his left hind – he lifted it well and it was trimmed and rasped, lots of breaks so he could rebalance. One of the other liveries gave me some readigrass for him to chew on – and he loved that along with some grass pellets and herb treats when he needed a bit of extra support.

Lots of praise and bridging when his feet were off the ground. He had both hinds done and then the sole cleanse spray and hoof clay was applied.

After the he had some red light therapy.

All booked in for 4 weeks time, I will continue to work on his foot lifting – which was very good on the fronts and is getting better on the hinds.


Mojo progress

Today Mojo was very good at lifting his feet, his hinds seemed easier. He is on Cortaflex and Buteless so hopefully they are making a difference. We then went in the school to do some cone weaving and trotting poles, he did mange one little trot. I have a long driving whip that I use as a target to get him to circle and keep a distance away, he was very good on one side but didn’t stay out when on the left hand circle.
Often he is reluctant to go back out to the field with me, today Victoria (my almost 3 year old granddaughter) was with me and he lowered his head to sniff her and then just followed. V had the lead rope end and I was there to check he wasn’t going to get too close.
Photo is an old one as I didn’t take any today.
Mojo in the new field
Mojo in the new field

Update on Mojo’s feet

August 17th 2019

The hoof trimmer came this afternoon, Mojo was more relaxed with him but unfortunately the trimmer feels he needs more frequent visits to be completely at ease with him, the trimmer lives to far away for this to be feasible.
3 feet were trimmed but the right hind is still a problem.

August 20th 2019.
Mojo was seen by the vet this morning, he was booked in for teeth and vaccinations so I asked her to look at his hind limbs. He trotted up fine but looked a little unlevel.
He was so good with the flexion test on the left leg, trotted away fine. Vet then went to do the right leg and he wouldn’t let her any where near it. Conclusion is he is sore on that leg, probably hock but as he isn’t very co-operative we can’t do any more tests. So the plan is bute for a week before any attempt to trim his feet, and for 2 or 3 days afterwards. He is already on cortaflex and buteless supplements.
Also I need to teach him to rest his hind feet on a stand of some sort so he is more comfortable.
So now just to find a sympathetic female hoof trimmer

Mojo and his feet

On the 3rd August Mojo decided that his hay was more interesting than me. so he refused to come out of his stable, I did his foot lifting in the stable. Then let hi eat but when I went ot put him back i  the field he would not follow me. so my daughter took him out – he followed her and was very good when my grand daughter had the lead rope – she is alsmots 3 years old and he just lowered his head so he could see her and then followed my daughter who was next to the child.

Update 5th August 2019
Mojo was in as the farrier was coming for the other 2. He eagerly put his head collar on and came out of his stable, lifted all 4 feet and did his stretching exercises. Walked following the target – stretching over his back and stood on his mat. He then went back in the stable whilst the others had their feet done.
When it was time to go back out he put his nose in the head collar and followed my hand target out and then to the field, no planting at all. The only thing I can think was that on Saturday he was hungry, today he had eaten his hay and had some pony nuts.

We must always be aware of competing motivations.

Update July 29th 2019

Update July 29th 2019
After my phone call with Jo Hughes I have started training foot lifting again. I took Mojo in to the school this morning.
After making sure he was standing square, I faced his tail, bent down and put my hand near his hoof, he picked it up – so the cue is visual rather than verbal, I didn’t use a verbal cue at all. I let the hoof rest on my hand and then lowered it to the ground. I C/T as the foot came up and delivered the treat as soon as I had put the foot down. I repeated 3 times, then did the same for the other feet, even the hinds were lifted without me saying anything or touching the foot before it had come off the ground. I did not clean his feet as I only had them off the ground for a second or 2.

This will need repeating as often a possible and duration added until he can lifte them and hold them for me to clean. Then introduce a 2nd person and hoof rasp and then the trimmer.
I have some Cortaflex for him to see if it is a physical problem with stiff hocks, but this morning he walked over poles and little cross poles and lifted his hind legs up well over them. Now we need to build up more strength and flexion so his hind limbs are stronger, as he seems to have balance problems.

Hoof Trimming

Mojo has never been good with lifting his feet and foot handling in general. I have been working in getting him ok for me to touch his legs, brush feathers and trim feathers. All these seem to be progressing positively but having them trimmed is a different matter.
So after 2 farriers refused to even try any more I found a new trimmer. He is patient and his wife also came and she reads horses emotional states extremely well.

Mojo was very apprehensive and didn’t want to come out of his stable. We waited and chatted and then he decided it was ok to come out. The trimmer was introduced and just talked to Mojo and gave him some scratches. Picked out his front feet and then started trimming. Mojo was ok with the nippers but it seems to be rasping that is a trigger. We had lots of breaks and went for a little walk, the trimmer then held the lead rope and led Mojo whilst I walked next to him. We managed to get both fronts correctly trimmed and balanced but not rasped. So Liz will do the final rasp another day just to tidy them. We left it there – the trimmer did lift the hinds but Mojo was going over threshold by then so he will come back next month and do the hinds.

I have it on video so will review and send a snippet to Jo Hughes who helps with online coaching. We still have work to do and it is extremely slow progress.
Equi-libre Academy of Positive Horsemanship/

I do wonder what happened in his past to make him so anxious. He didn’t fight just tried to run away, which is when I just took him for a little walk to calm down.




Agility Training

May 11th 2019
We have been having a little trouble getting out of the field as there is a very friendly pony who always gets to the gate first.
Mojo was OK to get out of the field, I had Liz with me and she distracted the pony who keeps chasing Mojo away. I took him into the stable to groom and pick out feet. He offered all 4 feet with me just saying “lift”. This is the cue my yard owner has been using, so I need to keep the consistency. No kicking, snatching or putting them down before I had finished cleaning them. He was eating his lunch at the time but got a few more treats for being so good.

Then we went in the arena and I put out an L-shaped corridor. We did that one way and then he backed on cue a few steps with in the poles. I asked him to back over a pole which he did well but then I decided to try the corridor again but going the other way. He got a bit confused and thought I wanted him to walk over the poles.

We ended with him standing on the tarp and getting a handful of treats. I left him in the school whilst I put a few things away. I had bunting tied to the fence as the yard owner wanted to do some obstacle training with her son and his pony in the afternoon. As i was unravelling it Mojo came to have a look, he was very eager to touch it.

April 2019

Well finally got Mojo in the school to do some pole work and short lining. We haven’t managed much recently apart from grooming and a little targeting on the yard. I used my new short lines from Whinny Reins – they were brilliant, very easy to hold and didn’t get all tangled up like the feather lines, I must take a photo next time.

Anyway Mojo was very good, he walked well over the poles from a “walk on” cue and stopped on a “whoa”. He went to the frisbee I threw for him and even had a little trot, must now get the trot on a reliable cue. Only did a few minutes and now must build it up so we do more and then some ridden sessions.



Update 2019

Update 25th January 2019

Due to cataract surgery I haven’t done anything with Mojo – apart from pulling some twigs out of his mane. Today he was in for a rest from the wet fields, with a big pile of hay in his hay bar. He popped his head over the door and looked at me out of the corner of his eye. That is probably due to his unruly forelock blocking vision. I went in his stable and groomed him – well the bits that were dry, then put on my treat bag and loaded it with grass pellets. We went out into the yard and I groomed him a bit more, pulled the twigs out of his tail, sprayed it with “Mud Away” – not sure it does any good but we will see. He had a few pellets to nibble on in a bowl whilst I tidied up his tail and mane – scissors and a solo comb. I got the frisbee I use as a target and did his stretching exercises. He stood quietly whilst I switched on the small trimmers and just walked around the yard. We then did some targeting of an umbrella – just to make sure he hasn’t forgotten anything. It is amazing with these horses that even after doing nothing but being a horse in a field for nearly 2 months he was still enjoying touching a moving umbrella.

My plan in the next few weeks is to get him happy to go in the lorry and be driven around the block.

February 11th 2019

Mojo had a flu booster today, all was good the vet was superb, she hugged him and as he was wondering what she was doing the injection was done and he never even flinched. Plenty of treats followed.

Before the vet arrived I groomed him and did some stretching exercising with the target. Also I had the trimmers on and walked all round him, he even let me touch him with the back of my hand whilst the holding the trimmers which were on. The battery is dying so it wasn’t very loud but a few weeks ago he would had have just left.