Here are some links to resources I found useful. Plus links to the Parelli Principles and the Equitation Science Principles for comparison.

If you have any other useful sites please contact me and I will consider them for addition.

Connection Training
This is new site for all aspects of positive reinforcement training.

Clicker Training

More Clicker Training

8 principles of horse training Parelli

8 principles of horse training Equitation Science

The Good Horsemanship Society

James Roberts Foundation Station

Some tips on using positve re-inforcement when riding – Shawna Karrasch

Classical dressage training – Jenny Rolfe

Some regional resources

Cathy Sirret – Confidence Coach – I was a guest blogger on there! My Confidence issues

Sussex based trainer Rebecca Johns – Training Horse and Rider

Tracey Duncan – 2 star Parelli Professional

Sussex based Ride With Your Mind coach Sally Ede

Savvy Sussex – Sussex Parelli Group

Scottish based trainer Shelly Newton-Carter – HorseSavvy Horsemanship

Light rider Bitless bridles

Glossary of terms from the Association of Animal behaviour Professionals.

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