Around a round pen.

I am doing the Connection Trainings course on starting to lunge, this starts with going round a round pen.

We have done this before but Mojo was a little unsure what to do.

Around a round pen.

Mojo wasn’t too sure what to do as we haven’t done this for a while. He was a little distracted by the sand school mirror and the other liveries going down the drive.

The first video shows him following the longer target and he is a bit sticky and shows some frustration when it keeps moving.

The next video I tried a longer stick but he got totally confused by that, so we did some poles exercises and some cone targeting. He then seemed ready to have another go.

The last video I walked on the outside of the pen and he seemed more confident doing that, then I went back in the pen, and he followed my hand rather than the target stick. He is a little distracted as one of the other horses is going down the drive.

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